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Ready Or Not? Preparing Your Pet For Emergency Evacuation

Pet Obesity: The ultimate version of “cute overkill”


Parrot and Parakeet Nutrition and Food Recommendations

Parrot Playgyms, Stands and Perches: How to Order — or Build One of Your Own

Parrot and Parakeet Care: Tips, Articles and Links

Budgie Parakeets Available For Adoption

Our Hand-Fed Budgie Parakeet Breeding and Training Program

Pictures of Our Handfed Baby Parakeets

Pictures of The Parakeets That Share Our Home


Cat pet care articlesCat pet care articles

How to Make Your Indoor Cat a Happier Cat


Dog pet care articles

How To Select A Dog Trainer

Ten Tips to Stop Puppy Chewing Before Your House Looks Like a Demolition Zone

Video: Amazing Dog and Pony Tricks Using Clicker Training


Gerbil pet care articles

Gerbil Sand Baths and Litter Box Training


Video: Amazing Horse Tricks and Liberty Skills Using Clicker Training

Human-Animal Bond:

Human Animal Bond Articles

Pets As Life Savers: Our Connection To Pets Does Far More Than We Imagine

Frankie, the Walk-N-Roll Dog (caring for a paralyzed Dachshund with customized wheelchair)


Reptile pet care articles

Ball Python Pet Care

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ASPCA’s pet care section

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Border Collie rounding up pet care experts

My Border Collie and I are rounding up the top authorities on pet care! This will be THE go-to source for care information on all kinds of critters: big and small, furry, feathered and finned. Are you a veterinarian, trainer, breeder, show competitor, animal expert or seasoned pet owner? If so, we welcome article submissions! Our goal is to promote the benefits of responsible pet ownership, in a fun way. Please email us: Jen (at) puppiesareprozac (dot) com… Replace the (at) and (dot) first. We love animals, but not spam bots!

Please spay and neuter your pets: Everyday in the United States, roughly 70,000 puppies and kittens are born while only 11,000 people are born. It’s simple math – there just aren’t enough homes for all of these animals. Consequently, every year 10-12 million animals are euthanized in shelters for lack of available homes. Need spay/neuter assistance? Try (800)-248-SPAY or (800)-321-PETS (source: PetRescue.Com).

Are you looking for a new pet? Please do your research first, then consider adopting a homeless animal from your local shelter or rescue organization. If you save one animal you won’t change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal. Alternatively, seek a reputable breeder who aims to improve the quality standards of their breed or species.

(photo credits: Border Collie by schwabenbande, Papillon dog by Jen Smith at Puppies Are Prozac, kitten by BigTallGuy, Gerbils by benmckune, girl kissing Golden Retriever puppy by savannah bunny, Ball Python by mattmcdole)

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  • Helka

    you have a very nice site! I wish I could find a breeder like you here-in Atlanta, Georgia area. After searching for about 2 months to find a young hand fed parakeet and no luck at all, we just got one from the private store today. We were told the bird is about 12 weeks old (but I think is really older by looking at his stripes?). They also told as that the bird can be totally attached to the new owner after 3 days holding him and taking care of him…I have read a lot of informations on internet and in books, but it doesn’t look that simple. I take this bird as a loving pet for our family, I don’t mind to spend time and be patient with the pet but also want to avoid any disappointment in the future.
    I would really appropriate any advice.
    Thank you very much
    Helena M.

  • Thanks Helka! Yes, finding hand fed parakeets is really hard, unfortunately. That’s a big reason my daughter and I decided to do it — we couldn’t find any in Colorado, either. Bird breeders simply don’t make enough money selling inexpensive parakeets so they don’t want to invest the time to hand feed the chicks.

    Anyway, the first molt happens somewhere around 3-4 months so you’ll see less forehead stripes afterward. “Can” a bird-raised pet store parakeet attach to you in 3 days? Sure, it’s possible. But as I’m sure you know, it might not… It depends on the parakeet’s temperament. Try offering millet treats by hand, spend lots of time together, move slowly, be patient. Good luck!

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