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Budgie Parakeet Food Orders

Family flock of parakeets eating out of hand

Based on extensive research and years of personal experience raising our own flock of budgies (plus a cockatiel and a conure), I offer two homemade, organic parakeet food recipes containing a wide variety of certified organic, human-grade ingredients. You won’t find anything of this quality at a pet store — no fillers, additives, chemicals, synthetics, or other nasty stuff. I buy the ingredients from my local health food grocery store. Wholesome, unprocessed, antioxidant-rich ingredients are key to your bird’s health. When you feed both recipes, your feathered friend benefits from a broad mix of hand-picked, human-grade, additive-free whole foods. It’s as nature intended!

P.S. In addition to budgie parakeets, these bird food recipes are perfect for other small and medium-sized parrots, including Cockatiels, Conures, Lovebirds, Pionus parrots, Parrotlets, and Quaker parrots.

Jen’s Organic Sprouting Parakeet/Parrot Food (Main Diet)

Jen's Organic Sprouting Parakeet Food
Jen’s Organic Sprouting Parakeet Food

Contains: A complementary mix of 100% certified organic, human-grade, hand-selected herb seeds, oil seeds, grains, beans, lentils, and peas. NO peanuts, corn, or soy. When sprouted, this food is a powerhouse of vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll.

How to Prepare: This mix must be sprouted (easy to do at home; prepare as directed on the feeding recommendations and instructions page).

Amount to Feed: Start with 1 slightly rounded teaspoon per budgie of prepared, sprouted mix (soaked, rinsed, drained) twice a day. Make serving size adjustments as appropriate for each individual bird.

How Many Servings Are in Each Bag: A 4-pound bag will typically feed one budgie for 4-8 months; an 8-pound bag can feed one budgie for 8-16 months.

How to Store: Remove the unsprouted food mix from its shipping bag and place it in a dry, airtight container in a cool, dark location (preferably in the refrigerator). With proper dry storage, the shelf life is 1-3 years. Properly prepared food (soaked, rinsed, sprouted) may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Smell for freshness, and rinse and drain again before each feeding.

Price (Jen’s Organic Sprouting Parakeet/Parrot Food Main Diet):
4 pounds: $32.00 ($8.00 per pound)
8 pounds: $58.00 ($7.25 per pound)
Shipping: $13.85 flat rate within the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii) via FedEx. Unless there are ingredient supply delays with my local natural grocer, your order will arrive at your door in 3-8 business days. FedEx requires a street address for delivery (no PO Boxes).

Order Jen’s Organic Sprouting Parakeet/Parrot Food Main Diet:


Jen’s Organic Herb & Spice Parakeet/Parrot Food (Nature’s Pharmacy)

Jen’s Herb and Spice Parakeet Food (Nature’s Pharmacy)

Contains: A healthy mix of certified organic, human-grade, antioxidant-rich herbs and spices known to be beneficial in a wide variety of ways. Keep a teaspoonful available in a separate dish. Your budgie or parrot will select the ingredients it wants or needs at the time. It’s as close to foraging nature’s pharmacy as our captive birds will experience.

Amount to Feed: Offer 1 teaspoon per budgie in a separate dish. Keep the dish out of your bird’s “pooping zone” to keep it clean. Refill as needed, typically once or twice a week.

How Many Servings Are in Each Bag: A 1-pound bag of the Organic Herb and Spice mix will typically supplement one budgie for 8-14 months; a 2-pound bag for 16-28 months.

How to Store: Remove the food from the shipping bag and place it in a dry, airtight container in a cool, dark location. With proper storage, the shelf life is 2-3 years.

Price (Jen’s Organic Herb & Spice Parakeet/Parrot Food Nature’s Pharmacy):
1 pound: $32.00 ($2.00 per ounce)
2 pounds: $58.00 ($1.81 per ounce)
Shipping: $13.85 flat rate within the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii) via FedEx. Unless there are ingredient supply delays with my local natural grocer, your order will arrive at your door in 3-8 business days. FedEx requires a street address for delivery (no PO Boxes).

Order Jen’s Organic Herb & Spice Parakeet/Parrot Food Nature’s Pharmacy:


SAVE on Jen’s Optimum Nutrition Combo Package!

Feed parakeet a spoonful of sprouts, herbs and vegetables twice daily.

For optimum nutrition and savings, order BOTH of our homemade parakeet food mixes at the same time and pay a reduced price and only ONE flat-rate shipping fee! When you feed both The Main Diet and Nature’s Pharmacy, your feathered friends will benefit from at least 30 certified organic, hand-picked, human-grade, additive-free whole foods! It doesn’t get any better than this.

The Combo Package Contains: 4 pounds of Jen’s Organic Sprouting Parakeet Food (Main Diet) AND 1 pound of Jen’s Organic Herb and Spice Parakeet Food (Nature’s Pharmacy).

Price (Jen’s Optimum Nutrition Combo Package):

$58.00 plus one flat-rate FedEx shipping fee of $13.85 within the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii). Unless there are ingredient supply delays with my local natural grocer, your order will arrive at your door in 3-8 business days. FedEx requires a street address for delivery (no PO Boxes).

Order Jen’s Optimum Nutrition Combo Package:

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  • Vicki

    If anyone is looking at your New Budgie Owner package and wondering if it’s a good deal, I thought I’d add a short comment to say that it absolutely is. I’m very familiar with retail prices in the Denver area for the items you’re offering, and if I were making a purchase of my first budgie, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy your package. Even if you already have a cage everything else would still make it money well spent. (And as a side note, you may find that having a second cage comes in handy … perhaps when you’re ready to quarantine that second budgie you’ve been waiting months to bring home!)

  • Laurie Howe

    Hi, found your web site. I was looking for information on a healthy diet for my two parakeets and I found you! I live in Arvada and was wondering if there is any way to buy food from you? I can only find store bought seed, but I will also start searching for the other natural food you suggest. I had my one bird for a year or two (can’t remember for sure) it seemed whenever I bought a new bird from PetMart, my older bird would die. So I was afraid to buy a new bird for my old one for fear it would get sick. Well I broke down and bought a friend a couple months ago and low and behold I must have gotten a male. All the sudden my older bird is laying eggs. I’m not sure yet if I am going to get a nesting box, but what I am sure is I want both to be healthy. I have read that egg laying can deplete a little bird and I don’t want that to happen. Any advice, suggestions and information on buying some of your bird food mixes would be greatly appreciated.

    From a fellow bird lover,
    Thank you,

    • Laurie: Budgie hens can lay eggs without a male (just like chicken hens without a rooster). You can discourage egg laying by relocating the cage every few days, decreasing the hours of light, and removing any nest-like toys or dishes from her cage. Make sure she has a cuttlebone and mineral block at all times.

  • Mary

    We were given 2 parakeets three years ago. They had been rehomed to our daughter two years prior. We do not know how old Bertonernie is. his companion died sixt months after we adopted them. Bertonernie used to fly around our home, but now seems very shy and nervous. We would like to adopt a companion for him. Would that freak him out? Would we have them in seperate cages? My husband says each of his grandmother’s keets were always seperated. although in the
    same room. He says the birds will no enjoy our company if we have two together. We had a single male 35 years ago who was quite personable. Had full flight of the house. Spoke several phrases. Bathed in the sink! He never seemed depressed. I still cry over his death. We had him only 6-7 years. The vet didn’t know why he was ill. He was in the hospital for a week, and then we brought him home for his final days.

    • Birds enjoy companionship as they are a flock animal. Unless your solo budgie has ample human companionship, I recommend getting him a companion. Keep them in separate cages in the same room until they have formed a friendship. As long as you spend time with them, they will remain people-friendly.

  • Mary Ellen

    I have a flock of 10 parakeets and am interested in your Herb/Spice mix. Do you ship these or is this for local pickup only? I am in NY state.
    I did see your list for making my own herb/spice mix, so if you don’t ship then I will create a mix.

    • I’ve received so many requests to ship the food mixes I make that I recently added the option to this web page. Thanks for your interest.

  • Pony

    i just bought two new parakeet…so i need your help…this is the first time i have bought parakeet as my pet and i dont have any idea about their food nutrition.I am also interested to buy some food from you.
    So give me some good advice and also let me know how can i buy some foods from you.

    Thank you

  • Janet

    WOW what a great site!!! Thank you for caring enough to post so much info to help all us newbies have happy, healthy babies! The only bad thing is I live in Alabama, so it’s too far to get my new baby budgie from you 🙁 I hope to be able to make my own Herb and Spice Mix, using your guidelines and also want to make some Germinating/Sprouting Mix but I’m not sure where I would get all the ingredients (are the legumes/peas just dry & the rehydrate when soaked, just didn’t seem like enough liquid to do that for everything?). Can I buy these items from you even if I can’t adopt from you? If so, being I will only have one budgie (I will spend all my time with him, I don’t work or have kids at home, all grown) how long will they last/stay fresh? Can they be stored in the freezer to keep fresh longer and if I do this how long is too long to keep them? Sorry for the long e-mail, I just want to get it all right BEFORE I get my baby! Thank you in advance!!

    • Thank you, Janet, and you’re welcome! Yes, all of the food ingredients are dry and start the germination process when they are soaked overnight in cool water. The seed mix will stay viable for a long while — up to 2-5 years if stored in the freezer. I’ve received so many requests to ship the food mixes I make that I recently added a “buy it now” option to this web page. Thanks for your interest and enjoy your new budgie!

  • Liz

    I would like to buy some of your sprouting seeds and spices. Where are you located. I live in Northglenn. Liz

    • I’ve received so many requests to ship the food mixes I make that I recently added the option to this web page. Or if you’re ever in Fort Collins, you may pick it up.

  • Colleen W.

    Dear Jen,
    I recently adopted 2 budgies, Harvie and P.J. they are both quite active and seem healthy however it seems i was ill informed as far as proper feeding. I would love to purchase your handmade feed however i live in Illinois, would you ever consider mailing feed?

    • I’ve received so many requests to ship the organic sprouting parakeet food and herb/spice mixes that I make that I recently added “buy it now” options to this web page. Thanks for your interest.

  • Joie Chandler

    Hi I would like to order from you, but can’t seem to find out how to do it.
    Please advise
    We have 3 parakeets, and they had either one or two babies. we need to feed them better

    • Joie, until recently, our food mixes were available for local pick up only. Great news: we now offer shipping! Please revisit this page for ordering options. Thanks! And I hope your new babies are doing well!

  • Ann

    Dear Jen, I am trying to place an order. Please indicate how to go about it. I would like to try your suggestion about the food mixture. Thanks.

    • Great news: I now offer shipping of my organic sprouting and herb & spice parakeet food mixes! Please revisit this page for ordering options. Thanks!

  • kate

    You have an impressive site. THANK-YOU! for all the info. I owned parakeets for 13 years and will be getting another pair within the next year. I’ve learned a lot reading your site! I’ve bookmarked you! Thanks again!

  • Larry Pepper

    How do I order your pet nutrition supplies. I have a new parakeet and he is eating only seeds. I am unable thus far to get him to eat veggies.

    • Larry,
      Great news: I now offer shipping of my organic sprouting and herb & spice parakeet food mixes! Please revisit this page for ordering options. Thanks!

  • Tonia

    I would like to order a bird stand, organic feed and cuttlebones. Please email at toniawoehler@ymail.com. I am very impressed with your website. Thank you for you for the wealth of information.

    • Tonia,
      Great news: I now offer shipping of my organic sprouting and herb & spice parakeet food mixes and bird play gyms! Please revisit this page for ordering options. Thanks!

  • tommy webb

    hi I was wondering how good your Jen’s Organic Germinating/Sprouting and your Jen’s Herb and Spice Mix is for English show budgies can you give me the break down of what all you have in each also do you carry eggfood? thanks

  • Vansh

    I wanted to buy some more foods for my parakeet they are only eating millet seeds .I tried to give them other foods but they are not eating. I also wanted to buy a cage. so,can you tell your contact no.

  • Andrea DeCarlo

    Hi 🙂 I have been reading your page ever since I got my two lovely budgies a year ago. They were from a pet store so it took me the whole year to get them off seeds but I finally succeeded. I read your directions religiously and I now cook my budgies meals 🙂
    My question about the food is, I can get them to eat everything but veggies, I’ve tried everything, how do I find what they like?
    Also, my budgies have started to develop a need for screaming! They are perfectly content when I sit in the room with them but when I’m off to school or work they scream when I leave the room, even if its just to go to the bathroom! This has become an increasing problem, one that I have tried desperately not to encourage by continuing to run to them. What can I do? They love their food so that’s not the reason, but I noticed they don’t play much with eachother or their toys (of which I just bought new after a year of not playing with the old ones). I thought providing my budgie with a friend would help them not to be lonely but instead they both sit on the perch closest to the outside of the cage and scream for me until I enter the room. How can I figure out what this screaming is about? I have just started to get them to eat from my hands so they don’t come out of the cage much and when they did they got very upset. Please if you have any advice I could really use it right about now.
    Also, is there a brand of organic food you recommend buying for germination/sprouts that is already made up for me? Can I order yours and have it shipped to me? Thanks!


    • Andrea, have you already tried the suggestions on my feeding recommendations page in regards to the vegetables? I also have a training tips page. Toys should optimally be changed or rotated at least weekly to keep your parakeets’ interest. Hover your mouse over the Budgie Parakeets tab on top to see a list of all the content I’ve written. My organic sprouting mix can now be shipped within the USA.

  • Justin

    Dear, Puppies Are Prozac.

    Hello, My name’s Justin and I own to beautiful Budgies and i’d like to order your “The New Budgie Owner Package!”, please contact me via E-Mail with shipping cost and total amount to be paid. I live in the United States and from Ohio. I really think my two Budgies will love the Package! Toys, Gym, Nutritious Food and a new home (Cage) I have a Male and Female and would like to set up for them to encourage them to mate but I understand that some times they won’t but these two lovely Budgies I have are friendly! Again, please contact me via E-Mail with shipping and total cost details; I will gladly purchase this Package from you and all your special “Food and Supplements”, so they stay Happy and Healthy! Big Thanks in Advanced!


    • Until recently, I only offered local purchases… but now I offer shipping! Please revisit my website to order homemade parakeet food and play gyms.

  • Sheree Marks Kline

    Hello, how do I place an order for the Herb mix and sprout mix?

  • salma

    what kind of mixes should i buy for my 2 parakeets i’ve only bought them seeds from the pet store i got them at so im really confused? Help? i wanted a cat and i was shocked when my mom bought birds im 11 and dont have experience with pets? Help!!!!My birds are totally scared of me!! (incident buying one tail got ripped off and then a watergun incident with my 3yr old brotther)

  • Louisa Allbritton

    I would like to order some Parakeet Mix

  • Lawrence P. Long

    We put wild bird seed out in our back yard 3 times a day. About 2 months ago, a yellow parakeet joined our flock of wild birds and then, this past week a blue and white parakeet showed up. Could the blue and white one be the yellow one’s baby? What can we put out with the seed to give them better nutrition? Will they survive the winter months?

  • Amy

    Hi, my name is Amy! I have been doing a lot of reading on feeding birds seeds and the more I read the less I like feeding my Conure, Parakeets, Cockatiel, and my Pionus Parrot seed. Can you give me more information about the food that you make? From what I have read about your product it seems amazing and I want to start to feed it to my birds!

    My Parakeets are very picky eaters though. My other three will eat fruits, some veggies, whole grain bread, bird bread, and some cooked meats. For the most part all of my birds go for the seeds though.


  • Sara

    You don’t say where you are. I am in Canada, but can go to Seattle or Oregan. If you are far from me, would you tell me which seed to choose for sprouting.

    Thank you.

  • Rajan

    Please provide me instructions on how to order Jen’s organic/germinating mix and other food items for a budgie. Thanks.

  • Rajan

    Please provide tel# or instructions on how to order Jen’s organic sprouting mix and other foods for a budgie. Thanks

  • Lynda Thomas

    I live in Arizona and would love to buy some of your products. Have you considered opening an on-line store?

  • Debi

    How long does it take to get your seeds? how long will this last for 1 bird?
    I have been feeding seed and just found out this is a mistake.I need to try to make changes here not sure where to begin

  • lakshmi


    I am a mother of 5 Budgies. I live in Dubai.
    I was very impressed with you food suggestions and would like to buy
    4 pounds) Jen’s Organic Germinating/Sprouting Mix (4 pounds) Sweet Harvest Parakeet Vitamin Enriched Food (2 pounds) Organic Hulled Millet (10 ounces) Jen’s Herb and Spice Mix

    I know you do not ship them. Since we do not get this in Dubai.
    Can you please help me with the baove products for my babies.

    Thank you in advance for your help

  • Brandi Whipp

    Hi! I would like to purchase the sprouting mix and herb and spice mix.

  • Suanne

    How do I purchase your herb and sprouting mix

    • I will offer shipping of my food mixes soon — I’ll let you know when!

      • Barbara workman

        Hello, do you have a african grey diet for my parrots. 😋
        Thank you

        • These mixes are healthy for all parrots; the size of the ingredients are small enough for small beaks. I know of several budgie owners who are feeding these to their larger birds with success as well.

  • April Gilbert

    Hello, I was interested in your organic seed sprouting mix. How many different kinds of sprouts will give my birds(5 parakeets and a Sun Conure) the correct nutrition year round? I was told that parrot diets change each season(summer & fall, winter, spring)so is it necessary to feed them certain foods at these times? They all can be stubborn too and want the seeds. I am concerned about my birds starving when I try to get them to eat the organic veggie, grains, legumes, mixture. I pre-make and freeze individual packages. It makes it easier for me to do this instead of making the food everyday. (is this a good idea?)
    I am feeding fruit everyday to my Sun Conure; should I not be doing that? I was reading about this on your site.
    Also, do you sell the sprouting container?
    thank you. I enjoyed reading your informative website.

    • The sprouting mix I make contain at least 12 different ingredients which change each time I make it, giving the birds a wide variety over the course of a year. Making diet transitions is a gradual process — please review the suggestions I made in this post for helping your birds eat new foods. Feeding a fresh, unfrozen, enzymatic-live diet is best, however frozen sprouts are still better than the crappy seeds that you’ll find in a pet store! Just make sure that you change out the sprouts after a couple hours as previously-frozen ones are likely to rot faster. I don’t sell sprouting containers, but I will be offering shipping of my food mixes soon!

  • Victoria

    I am interested in purchasing the sprouting mix, herb and spice mix, and some of the Sweet Harvest Food but couldn’t see any way to do that on your site. Could you please help me so that I can order the noted items?

  • Lisa Gattis

    I WANT to purchase some of your foods for my two budgied, I am looking for another handfed budgee male, was hoping for the color voliet or purple. Thanks Lisa

  • Sha

    Hi I would like to purchase Jen’s Organic Germinating/Sprouting Mix and Sweet Harvest Parakeet Vitamin Enriched Food. I don’t see a buy option on this site if you can please instruct me further so I can purchase thank you and hope to hear from you soon

    • I am pleased to announce that I now offer shipping for my organic sprouting and herb & spice parakeet food! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Thanks!

  • Shawna

    Are you still selling your parakeet food/mixes? If so, please let me know what I need to do to order some.


    • Shawna, I now offer shipping for my organic sprouting and herb & spice parakeet food! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Thanks!

  • Linda Hantober

    Very interested in purchasing your nutritional products. Please advise how I do so. Just so you know, I have one English Budgie that is not healthy but getting better and a young male Parakeet.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Linda, I am pleased to announce that I now offer shipping for my organic sprouting and herb & spice parakeet food! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Thanks!

  • Beverly smith

    Do you ship any of your products?

    • Beverly, I am pleased to announce that I now offer shipping for my organic sprouting and herb/spice parakeet food! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Play gyms can be shipped as well. Thanks for your interest!

  • judy

    I would like to buy some of your herb and sprouting mix?
    I didn’t see price or a place to order. can I use this with cockatiel, they both share cage.

    • Judy, yes, the sprouting mix and herb and spice mix are excellent foods for cockatiels and budgies. I am pleased to announce that I now offer shipping! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Thanks!

  • karen yankus

    Jen, how do I purchase your Organic Germinating/Sprouting Mix?

    • Karen, I am pleased to announce that I now offer shipping for my organic sprouting parakeet food! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Thanks!

  • Dianne Giannetti

    I would like to order your germinating sprouting mix, how do I order? don’t see shopping cart

    • Up until recently, I sold my parakeet foods and products locally only. I am pleased to announce that I now offer shipping! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Thanks!

  • Mary S.

    Please. How do I go about purchasing products. I can’t seem to find a place to order anywhere on this site. Would love to get my new Budgies started on your organic food
    Thank you

    • Up until recently, I sold my parakeet foods and products locally only. I am pleased to announce that I now offer shipping! Please revisit this page for “buy it now” options. Thanks!

  • Anuna

    Hey, I am interested in purchase a bag of Jen’s Organic sprouting mix, but I am from Australia Sydney. Do you send to Sydney and how do I order it?



  • Shari

    Is there any way to purchase your sprouting mix or herb/spice mixture for budgies?

    • Yes, I recently added the option to buy my parakeet food mixes. Please revisit this page to order. Thanks!

  • Meg

    I am really curious about the ingredients in Jen’s Herb and Spice Parakeet Food? thank you

  • Alicia

    Hi, I was wondering how you accounted for differences in soaking/sprouting times for the different seeds in your sprouting mix? For example, sunflower seeds, millet, flax… Also, where do you get unhulled millet for sprouting, and how do you feed hulled millet for training? I currently use millet spray as your training post describes and boy, what a mess.

    • Re: differences in soaking/sprouting times for the different seeds:
      The 8-10 hour soak causes all of the ingredients to start the germination process, which changes and enhances the nutritional quality of vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll. Actual sprouting (sprout tails) are NOT necessary, in fact, most birds prefer to eat them while the sprout tails or roots are just barely visible. I recommend soaking a 4 day supply at a time — this allows the various ingredients to reach different sprouting stages over the course of that 4 days (in case your individual bird prefers a certain stage of a particular ingredient taste-wise).

      Re: millet:
      Because I recommend and use hulled millet for training, I don’t spout the unhulled as the diet would include too much millet overall. If the millet sprays you buy are fresh enough, they will sprout if soaked (if not fresh, they won’t). Millet sprays are great for training nervous birds as they don’t have to touch your hand at first. Once they are accustomed to you, you can feed the hulled millet straight from the palm of your hand.

  • Keilae

    Hey there! Would this be okay to feed to lovebirds too? I’m looking for a high quality food for them

    • Yes, this food is great for all parrots, especially the smaller ones (lovebirds, conures, cockatiels, parrotlets, etc) as I select the smaller whole ingredients for this mix.

  • Leah

    Hello, I was wondering when your food would arrive in Seattle? I have three budgies and am hopeful to have them for a long time! Your homemade food seems perfect!! Thank you for sharing all this information with us! Also wondering if this would work for a lovebird? Thx!!

    • Yes, my organic, homemade bird food mixes work very well for other small and medium parrots as well, including lovebirds. I ship via FedEx. Orders arrive at your door in 3-8 business days.

  • Doc Malady

    Hi Jen — great site — thank you for sharing all of this terrific information. You’re so right about how the typical pet store staff know really very little about how to care for ‘keets!

    Still working on getting my little guy to prefer fresh veggies over seed mixes. He’s not cray about his pellets either. Of everything I’ve tried, so far he seems to like green pepper cucumbers and a little apple. I thought he’d love oranges and pomegranate, but notsomuch. Nor does he indicate an interest in anything leafy yet — I’ve tried lettuce, kale and parsley.

    I was recently gifted some “treats” by a well-meaning friend — specifically, Brown’s Extremem Trail Mix bar, and FortiDiet’s Honey Treat. While my guess is that my bird friend would love this stuff, my gut is telling me it’s probably not a good idea to stick one of these big hunks ‘o fun food into his cage. Am I just being overprotective? What’s your thinking on this kind of stuff?

    Thanks again for all your help! I’m going to order your sprouting feed and herbal package.

    • So happy to hear you find my site helpful. The bird treats you mention contain things birds really shouldn’t eat such as sugars/honey, artificial colors, preservatives, etc. so if you choose to feed them, do so only sparingly (break them apart into tiny pieces rather than hang a whole one in the cage). The sprouting and herb mixes will improve your bird’s nutrition, yay!

      • Doc Malady

        Hi Jen,

        Just a note to say thank you again for sharing your knowledge — I received my order of your organic seed and “nature’s pharmacy” mixes, and have been feeding them to my little green and yellow friend for about 2 weeks now. Happy to say that he’s adjusted to it without missing a beat (or a beak? a peck? a chirp?). Really, the first day or two he kind of balked at it, but I made him stick with it and, once he got hungry enough, he decided that it wasn’t that bad. Now, he eats it like he was born to — and, indeed he was! Like your birds, he also seems to like it more if I only let it sprout for about 2 days. I haven’t tried your vinegar tip yet, but probably will at some point. As for the herbal mix, as you suggest, I just keep some in his cage — he pretty much ignored it, but the other day I did see him sticking his curious little beak into it, so I’m hoping he’s for(a)ging his own path on the lifelong journey to healthy living!


  • Kristie Kellis

    Hey, I just wanted to put a shout out there if you are considering the sprouting mix. I never leave comments, but this time I had too. I was really hesitant to buy it at first because my birds pretty much REFUSED everything but seed even though I had tried for months. It was really important to me that they have great nutrition, so I gave it a try. They LOVE it! Absolutely adore it. The other day I had forgotten to sprout some new seeds and gave them a mix of rice and quinoa with some seeds added in. They were MAD! Yelled at me all day for their sprouts. It seemed so expensive to me at first until I calculated how much I spent on the cheap stuff at Petco. It washes out about the same. The mix lasted 3-4 months. I would have gone through about 3 bags of seed. You can totally tell the incredible difference in their health. I am so happy I found this!

  • John

    Hello just wondering if these bird food is safe for budgies and if they will be able to eat everything from there it seems some of the things in there from the pictures look very big for a budgie, also do you need to sprout this food all the time or can it also be given as it is? If it is all good for my budgies I would really like to order I am from Australia so would it be okay to send that here? Look forward to hearing from you thanks

    • Yes, these organic food mixes are made specifically for budgies and other small parrots. Because it contains legumes, yes, it needs to be sprouted first. Because of shipping, I can’t send to Australia, sorry.

  • Eva Sippel

    Any chance you ship to Canada? In Ontario.

  • Annie

    Any chance of shipping to the Philippines?

  • Jaclyn Joy

    Hello, your sprout mix look delicious and healthy. Are all of the ingredients safe for Rosey Bourke’s (australian parakeet)? I would like to some buy some. What do you recommend I buy?

    • Yes, both of these organic food mixes are great for other parakeets including Bourke’s. The Combo package offers the most nutrition, variety and price savings.

  • Dixie

    Hi Jen,
    My little parakeet Kiwi is a joy to my life. He’s a talker to say the least. What are some suggestions for switching from an all seed diet to your mixes? Thank you in advance for your reply!

  • Hi how are you doing today? I just got 2 very young meets and I’m hooked. I’m interested in getting hand tamed ones as I’m working with these two. would you please post the recipes for me so I can print them out so I can make sure I get all the ingredients.
    Thank you so much.
    Elsa Borowka

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