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Inside Our Aviary

When our babies are fledging (weaning, flying), I start training them to hop onto my hand, even fly to it when called. Their reward? Organic hulled millet, cheek rubs and smooches! The babies spend time in our busy home office/home schooling room where they receive hours a day of care, play and socialization experiences. Our cages are huge and on rollers, allowing them to be rolled into adjacent rooms for a quick change of scenery. (Note the closed blinds when the birds are out to prevent them from trying to fly through the glass.)

This indoor flight enclosure is 6′ long x 3′ high x 2′ deep and can comfortably house up to 15 parakeets (over 4000 cubic inches for each bird). The birds enjoy full-spectrum lighting from above as well as natural sunlight and a view through a room window. It contains a variety of perches for foot exercise, and new toys and chewing materials are rotated into the flight every couple of days.

The large flight enclosure allows our birds the space and opportunity for flight and play. The glass front allows us to watch and enjoy them without cage bar obstructions.

Our flock is turned out regularly for socialization, play, and free flight time.

My daughter does an excellent job of helping me train and socialize the chicks.

One of a variety of play gyms located around our home for the birds to play on when out of their cages.

Small Bird Playgym 3 Level 10 perches

Another portable play gym. Want one of your own? We custom make them for our budgie adopters!

Our environment-controlled breeding room provides draft-free heat and air-conditioning, timed full-spectrum lighting, and just the right amount of privacy. The breeding cages are large (30L x 18w x 18 d) so the pairs have room for exercise.

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