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You’re likely here for one of the following reasons:

  1. Looking at cute, funny animal pictures makes you feel good (scroll down to get your dose of happiness).
  2. You want to learn about budgie parakeets from an expert.
  3. A little bird told you that we make the best budgie parakeet food.

Happy spring and Easter from our baby budgie boys, Calypso and Alto! Alto (left) is a violet opaline dominant pied and Calypso (right) is a yellowface opaline greywing. Selective breeding programs have produced budgerigars in almost every color of the rainbow, except red and pink. They are so colorful they remind me of jellybeans! Read more about budgie colors and mutations here.

White Russian dwarf hamster eating gumdrops and Christmas gingerbread house

White Russian Dwarf Hamster

It looks like those gingerbread kids have been throwing gumdrops at my roof again.

photo by flickr.com/photos/hamsters

Pit Bull wearing bad dog costume

Pit Bull photo by flickr.com/photos/jonezes/2990039255/

Hurry and take the picture camera boy, I’ve got a line of shoes waitin’ to be chewed.

Goat kids in front of barn

Goat Kids photo by flickr.com/photos/20299709@N00/438496429

A line wraps around Old MacDonald’s barn for swine flu shots.

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