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Boston Terrier and Cat wearing antlers and Santa hats

Boston Terrier and Black & White Cat photo by flickr.com/photos/seat850

Psssst. Are we wearing hats or frivolous bicuspids?

Dog staring at tennis ball

Red and White Mix dog photo by flickr.com/photos/jordansmall

Wow. Imagine that. A ball at Christmas. Now I know how human guys feel when they get ties for gifts.

Yellow Labrador puppy hiding under Christmas tree

Yellow Labrador puppy photo by flickr.com/photos/laserdoc

Ooh la-la. It’s going to cost her six quarts of gravy to keep me from telling I saw her kissing Santa.

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Samoyed photo by flickr.com/photos/tundra-ice

Yeah, I’ve got a question. Before you wake them up which one of the kids asked for a Christmas pup so I know whose toys not to chew?

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Golden Hamster photo by flickr.com/photos/annia316

I don’t give a damn if it is the night before Christmas, no one’s going to tell me if I can stir or not.


Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) photo by flickr.com/photos/jjschad

I’m a jumping, nervous wreck when they sing “Let it Snow.” I can’t decide if they’re saying let it snow or telling me no.

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Fox photo by flickr.com/photos/diver227

Here comes that one horse open sleigh again. But unlike years past the humans aren’t laughing all the way ‘cuz they’re all too busy text messaging.


Weight-Pulling Dog photo by flickr.com/photos/drurydrama

Pinto is confronted by an angry union supporter for crossing the reindeer picket line to pull Santa’s sleigh.


Cat photo by flickr.com/photos/sooticasdream

According to the vet my excessive sleepiness is caused by the most likely reason of all, by having a heart that’s two sizes too small.