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Border Collie LucyOur names are Jen (mom) and Melia (daughter), and together we’re building a collection of photos that elicit the most awwws and hahahas per pixel.  We love animals, big and small… and my hubby, Ron, puts up with us all. Bless his non-furry heart.

Besides the three of us two-legged beings, our family includes Lucy, a darling and deaf Border Collie who lives for smooches and belly rubs; Jack, a sometimes overly exuberant small Shepherd Mix who uses his paws like a cat and lives for the next ball toss; and a small flock of chatty, handfed and tame parakeets who gossip about all the crazy antics they witness around here.

Before mommyhood, I was a professional dog trainer, sport horse competitor, and animal behavior consultant. During a stint as a volunteer for the Delta Society as a Pet Partners Animal Evaluator and Animal-Assisted Therapy Volunteer Trainer, I discovered the science behind what I already knew to be true:  ANIMALS CAN BE VERY GOOD FOR YOU.

Spending time with animals reduces stress, improves health, and increases happiness. And it leaves you with hair all over your clothes — at least the hairy ones do. It’s all good, really.

“New studies suggest that cute images stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by sex, a good meal, or psychoactive drugs like cocaine….”      The New York Times

Yes indeed, purrs, whiskers, and puppy breath — even this cute critter blog — can make you feel pretty darn good. So c’mon, take a look at a few little pictures.

I dare you not to feel better.


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