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Border Collie LucyOur names are Jen (mom) and Melia (daughter), and together we’re building a collection of photos that elicit the most awwws and hahahas per pixel.  We love animals, big and small… and my hubby, Ron, puts up with us all. Bless his non-furry heart.

Besides the three of us two-legged beings, our family includes Lucy, a darling and deaf Border Collie who lives for smooches and belly rubs; Jack, a sometimes overly exuberant small Shepherd Mix who uses his paws like a cat and lives for the next ball toss; and a small flock of chatty, handfed and tame parakeets who gossip about all the crazy antics they witness around here.

Before mommyhood, I was a professional dog trainer, sport horse competitor, and animal behavior consultant. During a stint as a volunteer for the Delta Society as a Pet Partners Animal Evaluator and Animal-Assisted Therapy Volunteer Trainer, I discovered the science behind what I already knew to be true:  ANIMALS CAN BE VERY GOOD FOR YOU.

Spending time with animals reduces stress, improves health, and increases happiness. And it leaves you with hair all over your clothes — at least the hairy ones do. It’s all good, really.

“New studies suggest that cute images stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by sex, a good meal, or psychoactive drugs like cocaine….”      The New York Times

Yes indeed, purrs, whiskers, and puppy breath — even this cute critter blog — can make you feel pretty darn good. So c’mon, take a look at a few little pictures.

I dare you not to feel better.


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  • Dee Finch

    I just found your site and am amazed. Thank you. I will post it to all my friends, and I am attending (another) Humane Society meeting tonight, I’ll tell everybody about it. You not only posted the cutest and funniest pic’s, you also support all my hearts causes – yeah for both of us!
    When you get around to doing reviews, pls. let me know so I can send you some Peoplefood for Lucy to try out.
    I hope lots of people submit their pic’s, I can’t wait for the next set.

  • Hi, Bradley d. Katt here. I’m spokespurrson for C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter, Inc. and my boss says your site is purrrrfectly cool. Like me. I have a column in our newsletter and keep track of answering letters for the ‘boss lady’ Carmen and I get a LOT of fan mail, especially from my ‘pet’ friends…like Katie in Iowa and “Matilda” in New York…Ohh la la what a little lady she is. Anyway keep up the purrfectly great site! Check out my website and read MY story. I’m one of the lucky ones. I live in this special place that takes just ‘special’ cats….and I get to watch Catnip videos all day if I want. Or go outside in a safe enclosed room. Gotta go, my fav part of Catsitter I is on……………………………

  • Kendall

    I put a picture on last night and I was wondering where it went. Kendall

  • Kendall, photos need to be submitted to us via email, and as long as they fit our standards, then we post them. Please refer to the tab at the top of this page that says “Submit Photo” for detailed instructions. Thanks!

  • Hi Jen,
    Great site! Will be sending some articles your way in near future.

  • Kerry

    Jen and Melia,

    Your site is wonderful! I adopted a shelter dog a few years ago after the break up of a long term relationship. He has been wonderful for me. I am a mental health nurse with mental health problems. Fellow friends/co-workers and I used to joke about prescribing: “2 puppy dog kisses and 5 minutes of a purring cat and call me in the morning.” I am strong believer in animals helping people heal. On the mental health unit of a hospial, the therapy dog Chester (may he rest in peace) was always the highlight of he patients’ day, and sometimes the only way we could get patients to feel comfortable.

    Keep up the good work,

  • Dee Finch

    I have tried every way I know how to see the Boston Baked Beans but it will not come up. I have never had trouble getting one of your pictures. Any chance of a re-post? It sounds too cute to miss!
    Thanks for making me smile daily!

  • Pat

    I am semiretired from 30 years + animal rescue. About 20 yrs. ‘in the trenches’ Animal Control volunteer. For many months have been a part of the economy shake up, and have numerous family and friends ill with cancer. Needless to say, I’ve been leaning on my four footed family alot! I came across your site today, and am so very happy to see the wonderful positives. I will be sending your info to all my rescue friends, and, I’ve just informed my 3 senior pups (16,18,19 years old) and 3 youngsters (4,6, 10) that their Mom has subscribed to your newsletter, and will be smiling again soon as her cute photos come in the email.
    Thanks so very much…We needed this.
    Pat from Central California Foothills

  • Sandy Lager

    What’s happened???? Hope all is well but I go to your site everyday and it’s not changing. I’m afraid to not check in, in case it HAS changed but everyday the same. It was such a cheery site to go to every day — the comments are fabulous — and I sent it to my email list. As I said hope all is well.

  • Marla

    Hi there. I am trying to reach you about your hand raised parakeets. I sent an email to what I think is your address, but haven’t heard back. Would love to chat with you! I think your site is amazing, by the way. Thanks so much.

  • Jasmine

    hI! i want to buy some of your birds! i have a lonely budgie, his mate flew away recently and hes look really depressed. i was really excited to have come across your site!

    thank you

    btw do you have a phone number to be contacted with?


  • Sue Keefe

    What is your location? I am interested in one parakeet.

  • Sue Keefe

    where are you located? I am interested in one bird. Approximately how long would I have to wait for this bird?

  • Jill Suarez

    My family is interested in adopting a budgie parakeet. We would take a rescued adult or a baby hand fed. The bird will b a gift to our children so a mild temper is a must. Can you email me any form I may need to begin the process. Thank you. -Jill Suarez

  • Jacob Penney

    I’ve been searching for weeks for local breeders in northern California can cannot find ANY. 🙁 I love how tame and loving your budgies seem, and was wondering if there was any way you would ship one of your budgies if I covered the cost for the carrier and shipping? Email me, but either way, you’ve given me a lot of information, so thank you! 🙂

    • Shipping is stressful on budgies. And I live 4 hours round-trip from the airport. So sorry! Have you checked with your local avian clubs?

  • Dee Finch

    I just checked on http://www.Petfinder.com. There are 3 pages of Budgies in my area alone.
    Give it a shot!

  • Asiya

    Hi, I am preparing for getting a budgie – it will arrive next week. I really like the budgie toys you sell here – the rope twister in particular. I also like the wooden perch. Do you ship to England? I look forward to your response,


    • Asiya: Thanks for your interest. No, sorry, I don’t ship at this time. Funny though, there are some items I like in England that I wish we had here in the USA! Anyway, best wishes with your new budgie! ~Jen

  • Sheila Emerson

    I was wondering if you can tell me what you cut the plastic louver sheet with that you place into the home made cages and avairies for air circulation.

  • Katie Hale


    I am interested in getting one of your budgies!! I don’t care if its an adult as long as it is tame. I have two cockatiels right now that are sweet and loving but have always wanted a budgie. I read you are taking a leave of absence…are you still?
    Please advise me. Thanks

  • rita

    Where can we buy the hand tame parakeets ? Do you have a contact number ?

  • Don Burke

    I recently lost my 4 breeding pairs of English Spangles and Pieds when the furnace in our aviary went bad.

    I also lost five of my ten pairs of Parrotlets.
    i was producing mostly the turquoise color.

    I and my wife Joan are Hobby Breeders in Indiana and have been doing this for 9 years mostly with the Parrotlets and within the last year the budgies.

    I would like to start back up with the Budgies and would like to concentrate on the Pieds. Can you help us?

    i would like to start out with 2 unrelated Pied pair.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Don and Joan Burke

  • Don Burke

    I emailed you before but for some reason it did not go thru.

    My wife and i are hobby breeders of Parrotlets and English Budgies.
    We recently lost our 4 pair of Spangled and Pied budgies.
    We wer able to save 5 of our 10 pairs of Parrotlets. We have mostly Turquoise birds.
    We had a small house fire and the smoke got to the birds.

    I woild like to start over with the Budgies concentrating on the Pieds.

    Would you be able to help us with 2 or 3 pair of unrelated Pieds.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Don and Joan Burke

  • Marilyn

    Do you have any adult budgies up for adoption? Thanks Marilyn

  • Nicole Lewie

    I was wondering, I know you do not ship, you have the best site I can find, but do you know any breeders in Missouri that breed budgies the way you do?

  • Staci

    Hello You have some gorgeous birds! I am looking for a sky blue yellow face type2 opaline dominant pied ( or spangle or clearwing or recessive pied) male or female younger the better and tamer the better if you have any ideas please let me know I am willing to travel and any price thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you Staci

  • Carol Malcolm

    I brought home a male parakeet that someone purposely left in a box in a shopping cart inside the store I work at. He is very tame and likes to sit on your shoulder. I never had a parakeet. I bought a cage but I think it may be too small. It is 18x18x20 in size any suggestions. Where do you buy parakeet music or is it better to get another parakeet for him to keep him happy & social. I live in Indiana, I do not know of any breeders. Thanks,

  • Joy

    I realize that you are not a store , but woould like the budgie cage you are selling for $55. I live in NYC. If you can not send it to me could you tell me where else I can find it?
    Thank you

  • Debbie

    I am interested in being put on your waiting list for a budgie. I live in Colorado Springs. Do you know when you might be breeding again?


  • Isaac Blinco

    Hello i was inquiring about the budgie foods for sale and was wondering if you ship to australia?
    I would like to order the Organic Hulled Millet, Sweet Harvest Parakeet Vitamine Enriched Food and the Jens Organic Germinating/Sprouting Mix. Also how much all this will cost including shipping if it is possible.

    Thanks and kind regards, Isaac Blinco

  • Delinda VanneBrightyn

    Hi Jen,
    Any news on getting closer to breeding again? We spoke via email about a month and a half ago. I am the person from Taos, NM who handles a search dog….perhaps you might recall me? I am just following up and checking in, as I very much want to be on your waiting list. I am waiting to get a bird from you, as I really appreciate your philosophy, the information you share on your website, and the excellent, responsible care you give as a breeder. I hope you have found a wonderful new home after your time away and are on your way to getting set up again!
    Thank you,

  • Izabella whitman

    Hi Jen I love your web site.
    We are total animal Lovers too and we care for our animals the same way too. We eat organic and so do they. I buy my dog and ferrets organic free range chicken dog and cat food. It’s worth every penny.
    That is why I’m writing you to let you know that I would love one or two of ur parakeets. Especially the way u raise them. I know I’m getting a very loving and awesome living animal. I don’t want to go to the common pet store and get one. I really want one that is already use to being loved and not shipped from Store to store. Poor little things. :0( I feel for them. But all our animals come from breeders like yourself. That put their heart and soul into their animals and we do the same.

    I know you don’t ship them. But maybe we can work something out. I would really appreciate it if I can call you some time. My number is . Ty. Izabella

  • Lisa

    Where are you located so we can look at the parakeets for adoption?

  • estella pompey

    thank you so much for this site i learned a lot from it , now my two little parakeets will have a healthier life , I’m just i cant buy one or two of your beautiful birds since i live in Oregon . but i will order one of your jungle gyms

  • Your website is a treasure trove of information!! I wish I lived in CO, instead of VA – too far to travel for any of your food or even a baby bird…

    Would love to know what you feed the baby birds in the syringe? Didn’t see any information about that anywhere on your site. I have 7 parakeets in a very big flight cage, and 2 nest boxes – females with eggs in both. In the event, I want to have the right ‘baby food’ on hand – what do you use please? They already get a seed mixture, veggies, and the cuttlebones (3 actually), vitamin cake, etc. I will be using your feeding ideas and increasing the veggies, sprouts, etc. when I get to my natural foods store tomorrow.

    LOVE your site and the pics and your birdies!!

  • Donna fenty

    Hi there. I’m interested in purchasing some seed for my budgies but cannot find the shop on your website. I’m from uk, and hoping you post to uk.
    Kind regards

  • Paulette Coles


    Can I purchase your sprouting mix by itself? If so, please let me know how I can order. I have two parakeets.

    Thank you,

  • Vita

    Thank you for developing the hands down best site for budgie information. I am grateful for your colour genetic information. Every topic is covered fully and the site is well represented with beautiful photographs. Keep up the great work!

  • lorna lorwder

    Hello Jen,
    Love your site and appreciate all the information available here. I inherited a mated pair o f parakeets which I adore and thought I had til next spring before I had to worry about babies. I moved them into a bigger cage and but put back in the same location everything that came with the original cage so they would feel as comfortable as possible having been moved and a new owner. Sorry this is so long but I do need info from someone who has reared parakeets successfully. Anyway, I’ve had them for five months and I noticed them being chummy. Sure enough they layed four eggs, three were fertile and I have three cute chicks @ 18 days old. There had been this funky old log type hideout in the cage and I guess that was her nest before so even though when I saw them mating I got them a nest box she laid the eggs up in this log thing. As parents they are doing great taking care of the three babies. questions. 1. the smallest baby could probably use extra food but if I give it food will the parents quit taking care of it afterwards. 2. The parents are already mating again but not laid any new eggs. can they mate and retain sperm like some fish do or no? Sorry if this sounds dumb but I know a lot about other animals just not so much about birds. 3. what age do the chicks normally come out of the nest? I really would like to move them to the nest box and get rid of that log before she lays more eggs up there. They have terrible eating habits…seeds only. I have figured a way to get them to at least try different foods recommended for mothers feeding babies by smearing fresh cooked yams and eggs on a leaf of greens which they loved and they started eating a little of the egg and yams and now they just love them. I am going to be ordering your fresh mix tomorrow so that I can switch the parents over but I want the babies all on it too. They are going to be going to friends and their children and one for my granddaughter. but making new owners promise to use your feed. Thank you for your help Ive help rescue and raise everything you can imagine from baby coyotes to every breed of dog and cat along with my bearded dragons. but I have never been successful in saving baby birds who have fallen from trees so to say the least I am nervous and want to make sure I don’t make any mistakes. Ive watched videos which I thought made sense and read articles but from a retired elementary school librarian this is one time when experience is more important than reading a book. from my chicks and I, we thank you.

  • Linda

    My parakeets are crazy for your sprouting mix. I have gone through many bags. I feel really good about the quality of nutrition they are getting. I also add Higgins protein egg food with the sprouts. Perfect combination The seed mix is just their snack food.

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