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Budgie Parakeet Baby Pictures (2010 Round 1)

This is a “budgie baby page” — we put one of these together for each season’s budgie parakeet chicks so our adopters can ooh and aah over all the cuteness while they wait to bring their feathered friend(s) home. If you’d like to be added to our waiting list for a chick of your own, please visit our breeding info page for details!

American Parakeet Babies and Eggs

Tiny babies hatch from tiny eggs. We let momma bird feed them in the nest for the first 2-3 weeks, then we take over with around-the-clock handfeeding so they grow up tame, tame, tame!

Handfeeding parakeets starts at 14-21 days of age but we start handling the chicks in the nest even before then.

Handfeeding parakeet babies is a HUGE time commitment. By the time they’ve weaned, we’ve fed them by syringe at least 112 times!

A bowl full of budgie babies! When they were younger, after each hand-feeding, they enjoyed snuggling up with a full belly (crop) to keep warm.

“Peanut”: normal green parakeet (split for white-base, opaline and greywing) male, 4 wks old on Easter.

“Goldy”: light green dominant pied (split for white-base, opaline and greywing) male, 4 wks

“Kiwi”: green dominant pied (split for white-base, opaline and greywing) male; “Blue Belle”: opaline dilute violet-skyblue greywing female, “Right Wing”: skyblue dominant pied (split for greywing) female; “Paisley”: opaline skyblue clearflight (split for greywing) female

“Blue Belle”: opaline dilute violet-skyblue greywing female

“Blue Belle”: opaline dilute violet-skyblue greywing female

“Left Wing” (male) and “Rain” (female): skyblue dominant pieds (split for greywing)

“Tuxedo”: dark green dominant pied (split for white base, opaline and greywing) male

Sopping wet after a bath! Hand-feeding formula is messy stuff and needs to be washed off occasionally. The babies enjoy a fine mist of warm water from a spray bottle and/or a warm trickle of water in the sink to splash around in.

Perch training the parakeets as they dry off in a warm room after their bath.

“Are you talking to me?” “Tuxedo”: dark green dominant pied (split for white base, opaline and greywing) male.

“Nimbus”: skyblue dominant pied (split for greywing) male

“Right Wing”: skyblue dominant pied (split for greywing) female

Sleeping “Nimbus”: skyblue dominant pied (split for greywing) male

“Paisley”: opaline skyblue clearflight (split for greywing) female

“Paisley”: opaline skyblue clearflight (split for greywing) female. Very relaxed and comfortable upside down in my hand — evidence of trust and bonding!

Handfed babies LOVE people! The babies are curious, landing on people’s heads, giving kisses, preening hair.

Parakeet Hen in Nest

“Mostly Cloudy”, Mom to the 4 skyblue pied babies, is a double-factor dominant pied. “Mellow Yellow” (below) is the proud poppa.

“Mellow Yellow”, a full-body-color light-green greywing (split for white-base), was paired with “Mostly Cloudy” above.

Parakeet Breeding Pair

Pictured here is Dad “Skylar” (a violet-skyblue clearflight opaline, split for greywing) and Mom “Mountain Dew” (light-green greywing, split for white-base). They hatched 6 babies: 2 male dark-green dominant pieds split for white-base, opaline and greywing; 1 male light-green dominant pied split for white-base, opaline and greywing; 1 female opaline dilute violet-skyblue greywing; 1 female opaline skyblue clearflight pied split for greywing; 1 male green normal split for white-base, opaline and greywing.

The chicks on this page were born in the spring of 2010 and have been adopted already so after you are done drooling, click here to see the parakeets who are currently available!

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Hand-Fed Baby Budgies and Parakeets — Our Adoption Procedure:

  1. Respond to our pre-adoption questionnaire.
  2. Email your responses to: Jen @ puppies are prozac . com (remove all spaces in the address first).
  3. Upon approval of your questionnaire responses, I will add your name to the waiting list.
  4. As soon as we have 3 week old chicks in the brooder for hand-feeding, I will email you (in the order of your waiting list date) and request a $15 (each chick) non-refundable deposit to reserve your hand-fed baby.
  5. While you’re waiting for your parakeet(s) to be hand-fed then weaned onto solid foods, please read our parakeet care information page, prepare a cage with the specifications outlined on that page, and purchase some appropriate budgie parakeet food.
  6. Most parakeets are weaned and ready to move to new homes when they are about 6 weeks of age. Sorry, no shipping. Pick up is in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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