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Budgie Parakeets for Sale in Colorado (Waiting List)

Yellow face blue dominant pied male.

Our sweet baby budgies are selectively bred for temperament and handled daily. You aren’t likely to find birds like ours at a pet store (where they obtain their birds from large commercial production “bird mills”). This puts our babies in high demand and they are typically reserved before they are born. Once I receive your pre-adoption questionnaire, I’ll add your name to the waiting list below. I know it’s hard to wait — read about our specialized breeding program and then you’ll know why the wait is worth it! And take heart, the waiting list numbers typically decrease when confirmations and deposits are requested which will move your name up the list faster.

If you don’t want to wait for a baby budgie, we often have young adults available for immediate adoption. Like all of our birds, they eat an organic, wholesome diet and are provided opportunities for exercise, flight and play. Adult budgie adoption fees are inexpensive, too: $5 and up depending on age, color, variety, and level of training and/or tameness. Go to our Adults Currently Available page to see photos, descriptions and details.

Our Adoption Procedure:

PLEASE NOTE: Our specialized breeding program is on hold until further notice. We plan to resume after we create a fabulous free-flight walk-in aviary in our new home (hopefully 2016-2017). Check back here for future updates or send us an email so we can contact you once we have budgies available again. Thanks for your interest and patience.

  1. Respond to our pre-adoption questionnaire.
  2. Upon approval of your questionnaire responses, I will add your name to the waiting list.
  3. Once your name is up on our waiting list and we have 3 to 4 week old chicks, I will notify you to request a non-refundable deposit ($15 per budgie baby) that will apply towards your final purchase. I will also post photos and descriptions for your online viewing of each chick’s type, color, mutations, and gender. Chick selections will be honored in the order of the date each person was initially added to our waiting list. If we don’t have what you want in that specific round, you can “skip” and make your selection from the next round of chicks instead.
  4. While waiting for your “Budgie Stork” to arrive, please read our care instruction page. Also take a look at the cages, foods, and supplies we offer just for our adopters.
  5. Most budgie parakeets are weaned and ready to move to new homes when they are 7-8 weeks of age. Sorry, no shipping. Pick up is in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Waiting List for Baby Budgie Parakeets:

PLEASE NOTE: Our specialized breeding program is on hold until further notice. We plan to resume after we create a fabulous free-flight walk-in aviary in our new home (hopefully 2016-2017). Check back here for future updates or send us an email so we can contact you once we have budgies available again. Thanks for your interest and patience.

More Budgie Parakeet Pages:

Nutrition and Food Recommendations: Birds fed seed-only diets have a much shorter life span. We provide lists of healthy foods and show you how to grow your own sprouts.

Colors, Varieties, Mutations, Genetics: Budgie Parakeets come in a rainbow of colors. This page has beautiful photos with variety and mutation descriptions.

How To Care For Your Budgie Parakeet: What is the best cage and how should I set it up? How do I keep my budgie healthy and safe? What are the best toys and playtime activities? How do I trim their wing feathers?

FAQ (frequently asked questions): What is a budgie parakeet’s personality like? What are the differences between American parakeets and English budgies? How do you tell a male from a female? Should you keep one, two or more? How long do they live? Where did the species originate?

Training, Tricks, Talking: A step-by-step guide for finger-training, trust-building, and bonding. Watch informative and entertaining video demonstrations. Find out how many words they can learn to say.

Play gyms, Stands and Perches: How to make your own (or order a custom one from us).

Homemade Aviaries and Flight Cages: How to converted used furniture into large flight cages and beautiful indoor aviaries.

Parakeet Food and Supplies Market: We offer organic, homemade bird food plus other essential bird supplies.

Budgie Parakeet Breeder in Colorado: Our family raises, hand-feeds, trains and adores budgie parakeets! Learn more about our selective breeding program and view our gorgeous, tame birds.

Inside Our Aviary: See where our birds live — flight enclosures, breeding room, play gyms.

Our Flock of Budgie Parakeets: Take a peek at our gorgeous feathered friends. Lots of photos with color mutations listed!

Adorable Pictures of Our Hand-fed Babies: Come ooh and aahh over all the cuteness and watch them grow up!

Pre-Adoption Questionnaire: If you are interested in adopting one (or more) of our parakeets, please respond to these questions.

Budgie Baby Waiting List: I know how hard it is to wait when you’re excited but I promise you, the wait is worth it!

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  • Marsha Jones

    Gosh….what is happening? Did the guy in front of me decide. Sorry, for my questions, I know you must be busy !

  • Susan Jo Darling

    I would love to find two hand raised parakeets to purchase for pets.
    I moved to Boulder, CO, last August, and I am missing having a pet/
    I had at least 6 different budgies growing up that I trained and enjoyed.
    Love to hear from you about when your new ones will be ready to take home.
    Susan Jo Darling

  • dusty

    Interested in a hand fed female bird as a companion for my male bird.

  • Carolyn Blair

    You are so right. The waiting is hard!!!The kids keep asking when I am going to get a bird. I’ve been showing them your website and telling them it will be before school gets out for summer maybe. I’m thinking maybe I should get one for them and one all my own! But for now, one will do but the waiting is soooooo hard! I’ve looked at other sites and your birds are definitely the best so waiting will be worth it.

  • gary smith

    would like to place name on waiting list for baby budgie

  • habeb

    hi there im looking to buy hand tame budgies how much is each one.thanks

  • Jenna Berry

    Hello I just found your website and I am so thrilled. I just love parakeets and I have been trying to find someone that sells parakeets other then pet stores. I have already sent an email submitting the questionare. Also I am 13 and I am being homeschooled. 🙂

  • Tonja Burshek

    I am wondering if it is “late” enough in 2013. Have you resumed your business?

    THANK YOU for any information.

  • Justin Barber

    I’m just wondering about when a budgie might be available? Thank you.

  • sy zaidi

    I am interested in buying hand fed parakeets. please let me know if you have available. thanks,

  • Richard Jacobson

    I enjoyed your website. I kept and bred peachface lovebirds for years, and I have always been interested in parrot genetics.

    Many of the mutations in lovebirds are similar to those in budgies. I recently acquired an adorable, very tame young normal grey male English budgie. He is a delight. Slowly, I have been reading up on budgie genetics.

    Your website describes the mutations and the expected breeding results, but I must be missing something. You describe several mutations as sex-linked recessive and give examples of a male (which must be homozygotic for that mutation–that is two copies of the recessive gene, one on each of his 2 X’s) crossed with a normal hen. You list the outcome for many of these crossings as 50% males (showing the recessive trait) and 50% females (showing the recessive trait).

    It seems to me that if a mutation is sex-linked recessive, 100% of the males will be split to the recessive mutation (none visual) and 100% of the females will show the mutation…since they only have one X chromosome, and by definition, their recessive (for that mutation) father can only donate a recessive X. The only way to get a visual sex-linked recessive male is to cross either a visual male with a visual female – or – a recessive male with a visual female.

    Does this make sense?

    Richard Jacobson
    Phoenix, AZ

    • I appreciate your interest. As you know, the male has two X chromosomes and the female has one X and one Y chromosome. So in females whichever allele is present on the single X chromosome is fully expressed in the phenotype (visual). Females cannot be split for a sex-linked mutation. In males, the recessive allele must be present on both X chromosomes (homozygous) to be expressed in the phenotype. Males which are heterozygous for a recessive are identical to the corresponding Normal. Such birds are said to be split for the recessive. To make outcomes clearer, I plan to post punnett squares to this page soon.

  • Kathy Johnson

    I am looking for 1 or possibly a pair of English Budgies. I was just wondering if and when you might have some babies.

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