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How to Make Your Indoor Cat a Happier Cat

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Sparta, the infamous “mean kitty” featured in the most favorited animal video on YouTube of all time — with over 20 million views — demonstrates the mischief an active, mouthy, bored-silly kitty can impose on it’s owner. But by the end of the song, Sparta’s owner realizes his mean kitty “wasn’t fighting, he just wanted attention”.

Cats who spend time outdoors have an outlet for their energy, however an outdoor cat’s life expectancy is considerably shorter than its indoor counterpart. You love your kitty enough to keep him safely indoors. But how do you keep him mentally and physically entertained?

Kaylee Todd writes,

If you are a cat lover and a cat owner, you probably chose cats over dogs because they are “low maintenance.” You don’t have to take cats on walks, or walk behind them with a “poop bag” to pick up after them. You can go off on a weekend trip and safely leave an indoor cat alone in the house. But as much as cat owners love the fact that our indoor cats are basically self-sufficient, we still want them to be happy.

Yeah, and we don’t want bored-silly mean kitties.

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