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Ten Tips to Stop Puppy Chewing Before Your House Looks Like a Demolition Zone

Cute funny Rat Terrier puppies - The human is walking around with one shoe. You think he suspects us

The human is walking around with one shoe. You think he suspects us?

Rat Terrier puppy photo by lordshrike

Ten Tips to Stop Puppy Chewing Before Your House Looks Like a Demolition Zone
By Darlene L. Norris

Let’s face it, puppies and chewing go together like bread and butter. Puppies learn about their surroundings by either sniffing on something or putting it in their mouths and chewing on it. Puppies chew on things, but to avoid destructive chewing, it’s up to their owners to teach them which items are off-limits. Here are ten ways to stop puppy chewing and destruction:

1. Take Time To Puppy-proof Your Home

Instead of always yelling at your pup for getting into things, it’s better to temporarily put away things you don’t want him to damage. Pick up the throw rugs, put the plants someplace where he can’t get to them, and cover or tape down electrical wires. Put trash bins in the closet, along with the toilet paper and any household cleaners. Put your clothes and shoes away. Secure anything heavy that a puppy could pull down and hurt himself.

2. Give Him Only Two Or Three Toys At A Time

If your puppy has too many toys, he’ll have a hard time learning what belongs to him and what belongs to you. Plus he’ll get bored with his toys after a couple of days. That’s when you put those toys up and give him different ones.

3. Confine Him Safely To One Place

If you’re not able to keep an eye on your puppy, it’s best to confine him to a safe area where he can’t destroy anything or get hurt. Using a wire-reinforced puppy gate to keep him in one room works well. Using a crate that’s the right size for him is also recommended. Puppies often feel more secure in a small, protected den area like a crate. It also gives you peace of mind because you destructive chewing isn’t happening in your absence.

4. Lots And Lots Of Exercise Is Essential

Your pup needs one to two hours of active exercise outside every day. Playing fetch with a ball or other toy can help to stop puppy chewing, too, as well as using up all that excess energy all puppies have.

5. A Puppy Playmate Can Help, Too

Playing with another puppy will also use up his energy, as well as teaching him how to interact with other dogs.

6. Begin Basic Dog Obedience Training Even Though He’s Still Young

Keep the sessions very short. A young puppy can’t concentrate too long, but a 30-second “mini-session” several times a day is a good start. Don’t ignore training opportunities as they arise during the day. Correcting small problem behaviors as they occur will prevent them from becoming big problem behaviors in a few months.

7. Find An Agility Training Course For Him

These classes are a lot of fun, plus your puppy is getting lots of exercise while he’s becoming more coordinated and confident. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

8. Use A Bitter-Tasting Spray

If your puppy just won’t leave the sofa leg alone, try spraying it with a bitter-tasting substance. These sprays are available at pet stores, and they can be very effective in convincing your puppy that he doesn’t want to chew on the chair leg after all.

9. Don’t Punish Him After The Fact

You can’t stop puppy chewing by punishing him for something he did several hours ago. Dogs live in the present. Your pup can’t connect the fact that he chewed up your shoe two hours ago with your being upset now that you’ve just found it.

You either have to catch him in the act of chewing, or better yet, prevent the problem in the first place. See numbers one and three above.

10. Remember that it’s up to you to teach your puppy what kind of behavior is and isn’t acceptable, right from Day 1.

You should know that making the investment in a good dog training course will pay dividends now, and through your dog’s life. Avoiding destructive chewing now is only the first step in preventing dog behavior problems throughout your pup’s life.

Darlene Norris has worked at a vet clinic and an animal shelter, and has had lots of experience with dogs. If you’re trying to stop puppy chewing, visit No More Bad Dogs at http://NoMoreBadDogs.com to discover how a good dog training course will help you solve your puppy behavior problems.  Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Darlene_L._Norris

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