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Look deep into my eyes…


“Look deep into my baby blues, give me a scritch behind the ear, and I’ll follow you anywhere!”


“Psst, tear yourself away from the blue-eyed beauty above me, and look deep into MY soulful brown eyes. Ain’t I irresistible?”


“Sure, lil’ Border Collie above is irresistible, but looky me! Don’t my eyes melt your heart like butter on popcorn?”


“Sure, I love buttered popcorn Mr. Spaniel, but variety is the spice of life, right?”


“Eyeballs? What eyeballs? I see BUBBLES!”

The photos of the adorable pets featured today where taken by Connie, an exceptionally talented professional pet photographer at T & C Pet Photography Services.   These cuties are available for adoption at Paws Humane in Columbus, GA.

Connie is committed to helping find homes for pets at local adoption shelters by taking pictures of the animals at her local shelter on a regular basis. No doubt about it, her efforts help these cuties find their forever families by showing them off in their best light!

Would you like to help the adoptable animals at your local shelter find forever families? Puppies Are Prozac is interested in pairing rescue organizations and animal shelters with professional photographers who are willing to donate their services to animals in need. Please email Jen at: jen(at)puppiesareprozac(dot)com for more details.

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