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Lola, a 7 month old English Bulldog, loves playing dress up. What a darling diva! bulldog-tutu

“Hey, do these shoes come in my size?”


“Fine, the shoes don’t fit, but check out THIS bling! Yeah, the pink pearls highlight my rosy skin tone, doncha think?”

FYI:  Built low to the ground and very heavy, English Bulldogs are known for their loose-jointed, shuffling gate and massive, short-faced, wrinkled head. Their short easy-care coat comes in many colors, although they do shed. They don’t require much exercise. Their short nose makes them prone to overheating in warm weather, so make sure you provide a shady place to rest. They are typically easygoing and comical in nature, and they seldom bark.

Darling divas or not, though, they often snort, snore, drool and pass gas. They can be tenaciously stubborn, too. Thank goodness they’re so adorable!

(photos submitted by Lola’s owner, Alyssa Rosenbaum)

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