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Smitten by a Scottish Fold Kitten

Subscribers, click on the post title to view an adorable SCOTTISH FOLD kitten named “Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk!” Yep, that’s all 4 Bonks and an exclamation point!

Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears. At about three to four weeks of age, their ears fold…or they don’t. Expect to pay more for one with folded ears. Or better yet, look for a rescue.

photo by Arthur Ivanov


They usually have a sweet temperament to match their sweet expression, and they speak with a tiny, soft-spoken voice. (meow.)

photo by virtual3


Scottish Folds are known for the endearing habit of sleeping flat on their backs.

photo by guremike


Folded ears accentuate the roundness of their eyes and face.

photo by beijinglaoda


Scottish Fold Cats love to play, and usually expect you to be involved in the fun and games.

photo by Arthur Ivanov


photo by Arthur Ivanov

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