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Colorado Budgie Parakeet Chicks (2012 Round 3)

This is a “budgie baby page” — we put one of these together for each round of budgie parakeet chicks so our adopters can ooh and aah over all the cuteness while they wait to bring their feathered friend(s) home. If you’d like to be added to our waiting list for a chick of your own, please read about our specialized breeding program for details!

5/30/12 UPDATE: This round will be much smaller than expected. We had LOTS of fertile eggs but only 3 chicks hatched. “3 Point Play” laid more than I’ve ever heard possible… 12 eggs!!! and Ego laid 6 plus fostered 3 from another hen for a total of 9. I think the hens had a hard time keeping their pile of eggs covered so most of the eggs failed to incubate (the eggs were chilled). These chicks are weaning now and will be ready for new homes in early June. We will contact those on our waiting list soon. If you need budgie food, see our bird supply page to see what we offer our adopters.

NEW PHOTOS ADDED 5/28/12 — scroll down to see! Bookmark this page and check back for progress updates and new photos as they grow!

5/28/12: Violet-Skyblue Spangle male (Neptune x Ego)

5/28/12: Skyblue opaline spangle male (Toto x 3 Point Play)

5/28/12: Wake up sweetie pie! Love, love, LOVE his violet color. Violet-cobalt normal male. (Neptune x Ego)

4/30/12: The chicks are starting to reveal their colors! Left to right: violet-cobalt normal, violet-skyblue spangle, skyblue opaline spangle.,

4/25/12: The youngest chick of this round, a skyblue opaline spangle male. (Toto x 3-Point Play)

Neptune x Ego Clutch

(# name theme)

“Neptune”: Violet blue opaline spangle male English x American cross. Split greywing; possibly split ino. By Sunny x Hydrangea; brother to Mars, Jupiter. Pictured here as a baby.

“Ego”: DOB Feb 2011. English budgie female. Green (split blue) or GF normal. (2T-70 11 by Terry Travis)

Breeding Outcome Expectations:

Type: Cross English x American
Colors: blue, violet, green; possibly ino (all white or all yellow)
Mutations: normal, spangle (50%), opaline (100% of girls)
Splits: Blue (all greens). Ino (IF Neptune is split ino then 50% boys split ino). Greywing (50% of all). Opaline (all males)
Possible: Albino and Lutino hens
Names Ideas:
Notes: I might keep a male/spangle.

Outcome: 6 eggs; 6 fertile; 2 hatched. First egg laid 3/17/12; last egg on 3/27/12. First chick hatched 4/7; last hatched 4/11.

  1. “Name”: #: #. Gender: M. Color: violet-skyblue. Mutations: spangle. Split: opaline, possibly greywing and ino. DOB 4/7/12.
  2. “Name”: #: #. Gender: M. Color: violet-cobalt. Mutations: normal. Split: opaline, possibly greywing and ino. DOB 4/11/12.

Toto x 3 Point Play Clutch

(# name theme)

“Toto”: male yellowface skyblue opaline spangle (“Rainbow Spangle”). Split: possibly Ino. DOB 2/27/11 from Sunny x Rainbow.

“3-Point Play”: Opaline yellowface skyblue cinnamon-wing (Rainbow Cinnamon-Wing) female English budgie. DOB Spring 2011 from Ken in Salt Lake.

Breeding Outcome Expectations:

Type: Cross English x American
Colors: blue, yellowface blue
Mutations: yellowfaced, spangle (50%), opaline (100%)
Splits: If Toto is split ino then 50% boys split ino. All males split cinnamon.
Possible: Albino/yellowfaced albino (cremino) hens
Name Ideas:
Notes: I might keep a male/spangle.

Outcome: 12 eggs; 11 fertile; 1 hatched. First egg laid 3/18/12; last egg on 4/7 (due 4/25). First chick hatched 4/12; last hatched 4/12.

  1. “Name”: #: #. Gender: M. Color: skyblue. Mutations: opaline spangle. Split:cinnamon, possibly ino. DOB 4/12/12.

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