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Colorado Budgie Parakeet Chicks (2012 Round 2)

This is a “budgie baby page” — we put one of these together for each round of budgie parakeet chicks so our adopters can ooh and aah over all the cuteness while they wait to bring their feathered friend(s) home. If you’d like to be added to our waiting list for a chick of your own, please read about our specialized breeding program for details!

5/5/12 UPDATE: All 8 babies have gone home with their new families! Summary: This round is a repeat breeding — the first round of babies from these two pairs have awesome personalities, just like the parents! These 8 babies will be weaned and ready for new homes from mid-late April 2012. All of this round’s babies are English-American crosses and white-based in color: blues, violets, grays; some with yellow faces; some single and double factor dominant pieds. Scroll down to read recorded color and mutation information on each individual chick. If you’ll need a cage and bird supplies, see our bird supply page to see what we offer our adopters!

NEW PHOTOS ADDED 4/18/12 — scroll down to see! Bookmark this page and check back for progress updates and new photos as they grow!

4/17: The oldest chicks cuddling after some free flight time in the bird room. Left to right: Tumbleweed, Bumblesweet, Kratt, Jimmy Z, Star Catcher.

4/17: “Donita”, the youngest of this round, finding her balance. Yellowfaced gray cinnamon double factor pied (that’s a mouthful!) female.

4/17: Just fed and still beggin’ for more. “Donita” (left): yellowface cinnamon gray double factor pied female. “Nubs” (right): white-faced gray female.

4/17: “Razzaroo” feelin’ fat and happy after breakfast. Violet dominant pied female.

4/7/12: “Star Catcher”, yellowface violet female (Polly x Freud)

4/7/12: “Tumbleweed”, yellowface skyblue pied female (Polly x Freud)

4/7/12: “Kratt”, yellowface skyblue pied budgie parakeet male (Rain x Sigmund)

4/7/12: “Bumblesweet”, normal skyblue male (Polly x Freud)

4/7/12: “Jimmy Z”, yellowface gray dominant pied male (Rain x Sigmund)

4/7/12: “Razzaroo”, violet dominant pied female (Polly x Freud)

4/7/12: “Nubs”, normal gray (female?) (Rain x Sigmund)

4/7/12: “Donita”, double-factor dominant pied yellowface cinnamon gray female (Rain x Sigmund)

Polly x Freud Clutch

(My Little Ponies name theme)

“Freud”: Yellowface sky blue dominant pied male English budgie. Possible: split cinn? split opaline? 2T-08 11 by Terry Travis; brother to Sigmund.

“Polly”: single-factor violet blue greywing female American parakeet. Possible: split recessive pied? Clearwing? Related to Hydrangea, Lilac, AquaMan.

Breeding Outcome Expectations:

Type: Cross English x American
Colors: blue, violet
Mutations: yellowface, dominant pied, dark factor?
Splits: greywing (100%), possibly recessive pied
Possible: 50% of females cinnamon
Name ideas: Prince Blueblood, Soarin’, Tumbleweed, Bumblesweet, Flitter Flutter, Miss Hackney, Peachy Pie, Razzaroo, Twinkle Twirl, Rainbow Dash, Star Catcher

Outcome: 6 eggs; 6 fertile; 5 hatched; 4 survived. First egg laid 2/12/12; last egg on 12/22/12. First chick hatched 3/1/12; last hatched 3/8/12.

  1. RESERVED “Tumbleweed”: #. Gender: F. Color: yellowface skyblue pied (clear flights and chest, 2 sky tail under, lightly marked shoulders). Split: greywing, possibly recessive pied. DOB 3/1/12. $95. Cindy Soren… Colorado Springs, CO
  2. RESERVED “Star Catcher”: #. Gender: F. Color: yellowface violet normal. Split: greywing, possibly recessive pied. DOB 3/2/12. $105. Lisa Mas… Fort Collins, CO
  3. RESERVED “Bumblesweet”: #. Gender: M. Color: skyblue normal. Split: greywing, possibly recessive pied. DOB #. $85. Lisa Mas… Fort Collins, CO
  4. RESERVED “Razzaroo”: #. Gender: F. Color: violet and white pied (shoulder markings more on R). Split: greywing, possibly recessive pied. DOB #. (Fostered to Rain). $105. Steven Van Dor… Aurora, CO


Rain x Sigmund Clutch

(Wild Kratts name theme)

“Sigmund”: Yellowface gray dominant pied male English budgie. Split: Opaline, Cinnamon. 2T-07 11 by Terry Travis; brother to Freud.

“Rain”: Skyblue dominant pied female American parakeet. Split for greywing. By Mellow Yellow x Mostly Cloudy.

Breeding Outcome Expectations:

Type: Cross English x American
Colors: blue, gray
Mutations: yellowface, dominant pied (sf and df), 50% of females opaline
Splits: 50% split greywing, 50% of males split opaline, 50% of females cinnamon
Name Ideas: Martin or Chris Kratt (m), Nubs, Tortuga, Aviva (f), Koki (f), Jimmy Z (m), Zach (m), Zachbots (m), Donita (f), Chef Gourmand (m)

Outcome: 8 eggs; 7 fertile; 6 hatched, 4 survived. First egg laid 2/16; last egg on 3/1/12. First chick hatched 3/7/12; last hatched 3/17/12.

  1. RESERVED “Kratt”: #. Gender: M. Color: yellowface skyblue pied (almost clear wings and tail, blue spotted chest). Split: possibly greywing. DOB 3/7/12. (Fostered to Polly) $95. Debbie/Debra Eber… Evergreen, CO
  2. RESERVED “Jimmy Z” #. Gender: M. Color: yellowface gray pied (marked cape and tail, gray chest band). Split: possibly greywing. DOB 3/9. $95. Carolyn Bla… Douglas, Wyoming
  3. RESERVED “Nubs”: #. Gender: F. Color: white-faced gray. Split: possibly greywing. DOB #. $75. Cindy Soren… Colorado Springs, CO
  4. RESERVED “Donita”: #. Gender: F. Color: yellowface gray cinnamon-wing double-factor pied. Split: possibly greywing. DOB 3/13. $95. Stephanie Gray… Boulder, CO


  1. HOME! Star Catcher and Bumblesweet. 9/20/11: 2 Lisa Mas… Fort Collins, CO (M+F, A or X; kit)
  2. HOME! Jimmy Z. 10/21/11: 1 Carolyn Bla… Douglas, Wyoming (M, cage + food)
  3. HOME! Kratt. 10/27/11: 1 Debbie/Debra Eber… Evergreen, CO (M, A 0r X, food.)
  4. HOME! Razzaroo (and RinTinTin). 11/30/11: 1 (+RTT) Steven Van D… Aurora, CO (m+?, X, kit)
  5. HOME! Donita. 12/26/11: 1 Stephanie Gray… Boulder, CO (has companion)
  6. HOME! Tumbleweed and Nubs. 2/10/12: 2 Cindy Sore/Wyat… Colorado Springs, CO (hfb, X/any, used cage)


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